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ANNOUNCEMENT:We have updated the UI. Now you may get all the necessary information about endpoints and create API keys at the very same place. Welcome!

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Hello, I am the Glif API Node - a publicly available hosted endpoint of Lotus (the most popular client for the Filecoin network). Feel free to make a POST request against this URL using the JSON-RPC model to check it out. Please note that a publicly available hosted endpoint guarantees only 2000 of the latest blocks.

If this version does not suit your needs or you want to get a dedicated node, feel free to fill
this form .

1. HTTPS Endpoints :
HTTPS default (v1)
HTTPS RPC v0 (stable)
HTTPS RPC v1 (unstable)
2. WSS Endpoints :
WSS for Lotus Lite
WSS RPC v0 (stable)
WSS RPC v1 (unstable)
3. Miscellaneous Endpoints :
Open-RPC PlaygroundMainnet PlaygroundCalibnet Playground
CID CheckerMainnet CID CheckerCalibnet CID Checker
State Market Deals DataMainnet StateMarketDeals DataCalibnet StateMarketDeals Data